Flight Medic UK is a registered data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office in the United Kingdom and as such collects a range of data from private clients, insurance companies, staff and others in order to conduct their business.

We collect data such as names, dates of birth, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and passport details, along with medical records relating to patients &/or relatives connected with our operational cases. We also record some telephone calls received by us or made by us for the purposes of information governance and security.

We store and process your data in order to conduct our business in line with the objectives behind the reason for contact from our private clients, insurance companies, staff and others.

In order to conduct a medical case, we may share this data with third parties which may include insurance companies, financial institutions, lawful authorities within a country or counties, (for example police, boarder or customs authorities.) travel agents and treating medical facilities.

We use a custom built, cloud based system for the secure storage of all of our personal and sensitive data. Paper records that are generated are kept in line with legislation. We may send data world wide to organisations with whom we require assistance, such as insurance companies, health care providers and law enforcement teams.

When cases come into Flight Medic UK they are all logged as an enquiry. Any documents and information provided to us will be store indefinitely until we close the enquiry. Once an enquiry has been closed we store all information held against the case for 28 days, after which time all identifiable information is automatically deleted by our systems.

If an enquiry results in a confirmed case then we store all medical notes provided to us either by our own medical teams for your face to face contact or medical notes provided to us by another source, for 25 years from when the case is closed. In addition to medical notes we also store identity documents such as national ID cards or passports. All passports or identification cards are automatically deleted after 28 days of case closure.

We close all repatriation cases once all medical notes are received and invoices sent.

We close all enquiries after 3 failed call backs/emails to the originator of the enquiry. We will aim to make these contacts within a 10 day period.

Patients are able to contact the Director of Finance and Governance to establish all of the information we hold on a patient or case. Relatives or third parties may request information relating a case but we must have written consent of the patient to release the information or details of lawful next of kin.

Complaints relating to the manner in which information has been handled can be raised with the Finance and Governance Director by calling +44 (0) 115 871 81 61.